Camp Quarantine

Camp Quarantine

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The ultimate gift box for the tiny prisoners. They'll be pleading for another 2-week stint as they'll be so busy playing they wont want to leave.

We've packaged together all the necessities: a craft kit to let their imagination run free, whiteboard markers to decorate the windows, balloons... because who doesn't love playing "the floor is lava!"?

They'll be pegging bed sheets and towels to create the greatest of fort's, and using Blu-Tac to hang the masterpieces they'll be creating.


- 100 piece Alice in Wonderland puzzle
- Whiteboard markers x10
- Mini tube of bubbles x3 
- Craft kit - includes pop sticks, chenille sticks, goggly eyes, assorted foam shapes, feathers, pom poms and glue
- Origami paper, assorted colours
- Balloons x6
- Scissors
- Blu-Tac
-Textured paper x10 sheets
- Pegs x6 

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