Hello Quarantine

Hello Quarantine

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Trust us on this... your prisoner will be jumping for joy when they open this box of must-have hotel items. These items may seem trivial but when they've just snapped their plastic fork for the umpteenth time or tried to cut their fruit on the ironing board, this is guaranteed to bring a smile to that dreary (stinky!) hotel room. If the diffuser isn't enough to remove the smell of captivity, then a freshly brewed cup of Moccona will do the trick. 
There's a diary to organise the post-quarantine coffee dates (ahhh freedom!) and a puzzle because they are all the rage these days - or in this case, the prevention of rage.


- Moccona Latte sachets x7
- Keep cup
- Metal cutlery set
- 500 piece puzzle of an Australian landmark
- Mini chopping board
- Knife
- Diffuser
- Diary
- Post-it notes

Add a Hey Tiger block of chocolate to really make their day!

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