Baby Bonding Kit
Baby Bonding Kit

Baby Bonding Kit

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You know the drill.

She's been stuck at home for 54 days and counting. Most of those days there has been a bodily fluid incident of some description.

And then Instagram gently insists she should be "bonding" with her baby. Ugh she sighs as she contemplates how she is going to do and get dressed to buy pipe-cleaners and pop-poms to create a sensory experience. Eye roll.

Enter our Baby Bonding kit for practical baby bonding with ease! 


Happy Little People cards have one simple and effective idea for every week of the first year. Killing the boredom and making a mama feel super accomplished all at once! 

Whilst Tiny Tonic Sleepy Time Massage Oil is the perfect tool to aid a little baby massage, inducing relaxation for both Mama and Babe.