About Us

Once upon a time, a Melbourne girl’s best friend lived far, far away in the red dirt of Broome. 
When she discovered her friend was pregnant, she immediately wanted to send a package full of TLC for her bestie. 
But alas! Every gift the girl found was old-school and not very fun at all. 
‘Just because women have babies doesn’t mean they have to lose their identity and become giant dags!’ she exclaimed.
So she searched high and low, far and wide to find all of the very best items from around Australia. 
Then she wrapped them in super fun packaging  and shipped them all the way to Broome. 
Her friend was ecstatic and said ‘You are the best friend ever and you should create these for all the mamas out there.’ And so she did. 
And all the mamas lived happily ever after with their tiny little humans and lactation cookies.